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a healthcare system for you and your family

Our “Telepharmacy system can be used wherever there is not a pharmacy physically present to help provide the quality of care that’s needed.”

1. Inpatient (remote order-entry review)

2. Remote dispensing (retail/outpatient/delivery)

Medical Service

Medical Consultation. Diagnostic Imaging. Laboratory Testing Emergency Care. Surgical Procedures. Pediatric Services. Mental Health Services.

Remote Counselling

Checkups conducted by specialized medical experts.  Our pharmacists and medical doctors provide a variety of pharmacy-care remote counseling services to patients via secure, live-video calls.


Free ante natal vaccines and supliments , for pregnant women. Our remote counseling also provides opportunities for counseling (diabetics/HIV/AIDS) patients, as well as discharge counseling and various clinical interactions with pharmacists.  

Dental Consultation

Dental consultation with medical experts in Canada online .

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The Toronto House HealthCare Investment Program




Total Returns




N1,050,000 /month




N105,000 / month




N52,500 / month

Canada $




$105,000/ month




$52,500 / month




$10,500 / month

 With a 5% Interest rate, you are guaranteed a monthly returns on any amount you choose to invest. Minimum duration is 3 – 6 months before pay out .This pharmaceutical healthcare system is built on a secured book keeping and accounting cloud system program. With every member owning a health record and number on our system.The world will always be in need of medication.

We will always be in business . And our investors can count on us, either to get returns  on investment with a pay check from their investment, or getting a healthcare plan and medications with the amount invested. 

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